“LML brings to the table an effective knowledge of commercial construction processes and an amazing list of construction resources.”
– Tom Cornelius, Principal Graeber, Simmons & Cowan

“The missing piece to the equation for my clients is typically the cost of construction for each alternative. Not to mention his ability to save time and money on the construction management, LML’s ability to provide cost estimates which are fast and accurate on the front end of the real estate negotiation is crucial for our client, especially in a market as we are facing now where tenants may be vying for the same space.”
– Jay Lamy, Principal, Aquila Commercial

“Larry and Tony have worked on our projects as if they were our employees, not consultants. All of their guidance and decisions were based on the good of our organization. I highly recommend LML Group, LLC for any of your construction management requirements.”
– Steve L. Clarke-Director Environmental Affairs and Real Estate, Emerson Process Management

“I can’t overstate how critical it is to have solid project management and construction management capability on your team, particularly on something as complex as our Lone Star campus in Austin. Since that project’s inception, LML has been on AMD’s team driving the design and construction process. LML has done an outstanding job of understanding AMD’s financial, environmental and community objectives for the project and executing to those on a daily basis. LML’s practical knowledge of the design and construction industry has been invaluable in helping us to achieve our goals, and all within our original budget. There is no doubt in my mind that LML would be an incredible asset on any project team.”
-Craig Garcia, VP of Global Real Estate, Advanced Micro Devices


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